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Hush by Cherry Adair

Hush - Cherry Adair

APRIL 26, 2011

When Acadia Gray agrees to take a trip to Venezuela for her one big adventure before starting school at 20 years old, she has no idea just how big of an adventure it will be. Going against who she is, deep down inside, she picks up a man at a bar for a one night stand. It would have worked out fine had they not been awakened the next morning by armed guerillas in her room.

A man who loves living on the edge, Zakary Stark knows he is no hero. To his disgust, he finds himself in just that role as he tries to protect Acadia when they are kidnapped, along with his brother, Gideon, in to the jungle of Venezuela.

Thanks to the many objects in the hidden pockets of Acadia's vest (and the improbable fact that the guerilla's didn't search her), they manage to escape and avoid many pitfalls of being lost in the jungle. The brothers decided to split up to lead the guerillas down two different paths, Zakary is injured and it becomes a race against time.

Hush is non-stop action from page one, although at times it feels as if there is a few too many obstacles and dangers thrown at them. You will need to suspend belief for some plot points. GPS as a psychic ability? Seriously?  There are lots of twists and turns in the plot as you try to figure out who is behind the kidnapping.

The love scenes are hot (but again, a bit improbable. If my brother was lost in the jungle, chased by guerillas, I'm not sure sex would be on my mind, but hey, that's just me). All in all, hush is a satisfying summer read if you like action with some huh?  moments.