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A lifetime of loving to read leads me to wanting to share my thoughts on what I'm reading now.
Gambling on Love - Nancy  Fraser, Patti Shenberger Jake McCade has been duped! Not only did the young man arranging transport north for a family of slaves trick him in to accepting half the money now and half upon arrival, when the young man is injured, it turns out he’s no man at all but a young woman.
Felicity Beaumont only wants to do what is right. Her father tricked the family into signing papers keeping them indentured even after slavery was abolished. Only her father caught up with her before they reached their destination and she and Jake must wed or he faces jail.
What a refreshing historical romance. Felicity is a smart woman who knows how to take care of herself, her man and others along with making her place in the town. Jake was not a jerk of a man, rather one that despite his reluctance to give his heart again, finds himself caring deeply for his woman and he supports her in all that she does.
The sex scenes are hot and believable because you can feel the growing affection between the couple. I’m looking forward to the next book by these two authors.
I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.