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A lifetime of loving to read leads me to wanting to share my thoughts on what I'm reading now.
Tempted by the Highland Warrior - Michelle Willingham Residing at her betrothed’s keep while her father is away, Lady Marguerite de Montpierre is horrified by her husband’s cruelty toward everyone, but in particular his Scottish prisoners. One night she hears the pained screams of one of the prisoners. Despite her maid’s protests and her own misgivings, Marguerite goes in search of the injured man. She manages to save him from the brink of death, but during her betrothed’s rage when the other MacKinlochs come for him, Marguerite flees with them when her maid is murdered by her betrothed.
The only one able to calm Callum, who, after years of captivity is unable to speak, she finds refuge with the clan until her father, the Duc comes for her and tries to destroy the keep. Wanting to spare her new friends and the man she loves, Marguerite returns to her home, where she awaits a new betrothal. Callum cannot bear to be parted from her and sneaks in to Marguerite’s home so he can keep an eye on her. Can their love survive and overcome all?
Callum MacKinloch is a tortured hero, so if you enjoy that trope, you will love this book. Ms. Willingham showed great skill in crafting a story featuring one who cannot speak, yet expresses his pain and desire so well that you can feel it. Marguerite, with her tender love for the wounded warrior, is the perfect heroine for him. TEMPTED BY THE HIGHLAND WARRIOR is one of the best medieval romances I have read recently.