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Finally a Bride by Vickie McDonough

Finally a Bride - Vickie McDonough

APRIL 1, 2011

Set ten years after SECOND CHANCE BRIDES, we once again visit Lookout Texas and old friends. Jacqueline "Jack" Davis is still a tomboy at heart, taking chances to get the story of a lifetime as a reporter for the local paper. Her dream is to write the big story and earn herself a place on the Dallas newspaper, so she can leave Lookout. After what she went through with her first father, she does not trust many men and fully believes she will never marry. Her biggest problem is Billy Morgan, who she does not care for even as  a friend, proclaims she will marry him.

Pastor Noah Jeffers has been offered the chance to fill in for the Pastor of Lookout Texas. He is not certain he wants to do so for several reasons, including the fact that he had no desire to return to Lookout Texas. He grew up there until his violent father moved them away after Noah had caused one too many problems. Of course, back then everyone knew him as Butch Laird. He took his mentor's last name since he had been more of a father to Noah than his own father had. When he arrives, he is stunned that the feelings he had had for Jack ten years prior have not lessened at all.

Meanwhile, Carly Payton, who had gone to jail in book one THE ANONYMOUS BRIDE has been working for a preacher elsewhere, but after the death of his wife, he was forced to let her go. At Rachel Davis' behest, Carly reluctantly returns to Lookout.

Ms. McDonough's books have been a treat, as we get to revisit with old friends and make new ones as the series progresses. It is a rare author who lets us peek into the ongoing lives of previous characters. This history that builds between the characters shines through and makes for enjoyable reads.

Laughter, tears and love abounds and I look forward to reading her next endeavour.