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The Better To See You by Kate SeRine

The Better To See You - Kate SeRine

The Better To See You
Kate SeRine
Kensington Publishing
February 7, 2013
5 Stars

The Better To See You is the second story in the Transplanted Tale series, and it does not fail to keep up the romance, the action and the fun from the first book Red.
Many of the Tales from Make Believe were transported to the Here and Now during a battle during a fairy godmother and a genie, and the fairy godmother’s magic went awry. The Better To See You is the story of Lavender Seelie, the fairy godmother in question. Cut off from her family and her powers limited, Lavender settled in to continuing on as Cinderella’s fairy godmother in the here and now. Lavender has had it and during a fight with James AKA Prince Charming, not only did she shrink his manhood, but lost control of her magic again and burned down their castle. In order to keep Lavender safe, her friend Red sent her across the country to the Refuge where other tales were making a life of their own.
Seth Wolf, also known as the Big Bad Wolf, has been living on the outskirts of the Refuge and trying his best to fit in. The last thing he needs is a fairy godmother with magic gone awry, but when he saves her from a hellhound not far from his cabin, their lives become entwined and then their hearts. But the hellhound was just the tip of the iceberg. Something is very wrong in the Refuge.
Transplanted Tales is becoming one of my favorite series ever. With a touch of the show Once Upon a Time and the darkness from Grimm and a lot of originality, this series is a win. The main characters are likable and work through their conflicts in a believable way, there is a good mix of grey area characters who are bit good and a bit bad and her villains are just as dark as can be.
This series isn’t to be missed. I only wish I could give the book more than 5 stars.
This book was purchased by me.