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Driven by Eve Kenin AKA Eve Silver

Driven - Eve Silver, Eve Kenin

Eve Silver
Eve Silver
May 28, 2012
4 stars
In a bleak, dystopian world Raina Bowen is a loner and survivor. At twelve, she survived a brutal attack by Duncan Bane, the man who is running the world and the constant abuse inflicted on her by her father Sam. Now an ice trucker Raina has one goal on her mind…to win the delivery to Gladow contest so she can leave the frozen wasteland and make a home at the equator for her previously unknown sister and herself. All she needs is a pass…
Wizard, the man who was to meet Raina and deliver the much needed pass to her is not only late for their meeting, he has run afoul of Bane’s men and the pass he has is stolen, rendering it useless. He insinuates himself into Raina’s life as a traveling companion and as they face the hazards of the road , they grow closer. But once she finds out about his betrayal, Raina has to determine if she can overcome it and build a future with Wizard. Oh and did I mention that Wizard reminds me of Mr. Spock?
Driven was so much fun to read. Ms. Silver’s skill has the story play out in your mind like a big screen summer blockbuster. It has everything, exciting action, romance, over the top villainy. If you like futuristic tales that would make great movies, you have to pick this book up!
Driven was purchased by me.