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Along Came a Spider By Kate SeRine

Along Came a Spider - Kate SeRine

Along Came a Spider


Kate SeRine

August 1, 2013

5 stars

Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales never fails to deliver on steamy, heart wrenching romance, action and suspense. I love how she continues to visit with characters from previous books while keeping the focus on the featured couple. Along Came a Spider is book 3, featuring Beatrice “Trish” Muffet who works in forensics for the FMA and Nicky Blue who is a combination of gangster and now, vigilante, known as The Spider.

Both Trish and Nicky were attracted to one another when they were transplanted into the Here And Now, but never acted on it. Nicky wed another and Trish immersed herself in her work. But when tale vampires begin to attack the Ordinaries, Trish is investigating when she finds herself being attacked. To her surprise, The Spider AKA Nicky rescues her. Nicky was thrown into a vigilante lifestyle after his wife was murdered and blamed himself. There are things he doesn’t know, but Trish, who reads the last thoughts of victims, does. Things she doesn’t want to tell him.

Transplanted Tales is one of those series where each installment is like visiting with old friends. It’s like a mash up of Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Sleepy Hollow. If you like any of these shows, you will love this sparkling series. I am anxiously awaiting the novella coming out in spring 2014 and then the next installment next summer.

I received the ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.